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2022 Indonesian Moto GP

2022 Indonesian Moto GP

The MotoGP is almost upon us! 

Our quiet little town has been in the throes of a building frenzy for months and is the talk of the town.  Lover or hater, in some ways, it finally may be the break we all need after a succession of disasters in the form of earthquakes, floods and the pandemic.  Now the borders are open, and people are freer to move around, it seems like Kuta has come alive again.  The MotoGP is a fascinating animal.  Since 2019, we have watched the Mandalika International Circuit come to life, and in the process, a bewildering change of landscapes, land disputes, circuit name changes, a shift in town demographics, to name but a few things. 

Now that town is about to be booked out and all eyes on the race, let’s take a quick look at the Motogp. This is the first time in 25 years that the premier class has returned to Indonesia, which explains the interest and pride, as Indonesia has always had a fascination with the sport. What makes this one interesting is that it is considered a street circuit, as parts of the track are making use of existing public roads. 

The Superbike World race in November was a good test, with heavy rainfall making things tricky, and turning adjacent access roads into muddy messes.  The Pre-trial last month led to further improvements, with asphalt needing to be relaid for 1/3 of the track and aggregate sorted. Despite these setbacks, the track seems to be getting the tick of approval from those in the know, and there is no denying its location is beautiful. 17 Turns, and 4.31 km make up the track, with Seger Beach right next door and coconut trees at the turns, viewing platforms added on top of hills and the President’s Residence up high overlooking it all.  If you were into this sport, I can totally see the allure.  Being within the Mandalika Zone, Jati Villas is happy to be able to provide luxury accommodation for spectators. We look forward to welcoming you to the rest of the Motogp Mandalika competitions.

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