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A guide to South Lombok.

Buffaloes of Lombok

A guide to South Lombok.

Stunning scenery

From Jati, take a drive through the rice fields and lush rolling hills towards Selong Belanak.  Stop at any of the stunning beaches along the way; there are so many!  Watch out for farmers and their buffalo on the road and keep an eye out for monkeys in the trees!  The drive is anywhere from 30-40 minutes depending on how comfortable you are on a scooter (we can organise a car if you prefer) and well worth it for the stunning views.

Take a walk up Merese Hill which overlooks the aquamarine Tanjung Aan bay on one side, and Kuta to the other.  We highly recommend this as one of the top spots for sunset.  Bring a beer and enjoy the gorgeous view.

For a different perspective, visit Siwa restaurant.  Perched above Kuta, it provides a stunning   panoramic view of the valley, bay and surrounding hills.  The restaurant has quality meals and has a pool if you fancy a dip while taking in the scenery. The bathroom is one of the most scenic you will see.

If you are at Tanjung Ann, continue to the entrance of the fishing village of Gerupuk and pay a visit to the Dome project and restaurant. It has a stunning view of both Tanjung Aan and Gerupuk bay, and is a great spot to gather with friends for sunset, or post surf, to enjoy great eats and to watch the waves below.


If you need a break from beaches, we highly recommend a day trip travelling up towards the centre of Lombok for a drive through some lush ricefields and to see some waterfalls.  The two closest to Kuta are called Benang Setokel and Benang Kelambu.  Benang means thread and kelambu means curtain, so named because when the water comes down the waterfall it looks like perfectly woven curtains made from delicate lines of thread. It is a lovely walk through forests and a dive under the cold water is a welcome change.


Dive into South Lombok with some amazing dive sites.  Into macro diving? South Lombok is the spot for you!  Dive guides with Blue Marlin are great at spotting nudibranchs, orangutan shrimp, pygmy seahorses and so much to see at the dive site in Tanjung Ringgit called Coral Garden.

The coral cover is impressive but do not forget to check out into the deep for the occasional thresher, mola mola, dolphins and schooling manta.  If you are here in the right season and are an advanced diver you can talk to Scuba Froggy about the schooling Hammerheads!

Favorite Beaches

Top picks for white sand beaches and crystal clear water are Tanjung Aan, Mawun, Selong Belanak, Lancing and Tampah.  All are great for a day at the beach, sipping coconut and eating nasi goreng.  Try Pink Swing or Turtle Warung in Tanjung Aan for great eats and wonderful owners.  If you are after an empty stretch of beach, go to Tampa, chairs cost 25K to rent which usually keeps most visitors away!

Want a recommendation for a secret beach?  If you are staying with us, be sure to stop by reception and ask!  Do keep it hush hush though, some things are just best not shared!

Surfing lessons

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer, Kuta has it all.  Timid beginner?  No problem!  Looking for a wave with a bit of a bite?  Just ask!

We can help you find the tutor and level of instructing that you need. We work with trusted locals that have decades of experience teaching learners of all levels.  The instructors we recommend are respected members of the community that have your safety in mind but also make sure you have a great time! 

Lombok Culture

If you would like a look into Lombok culture and life, we highly recommend checking out Sade village, a mere 15 minutes away.  Take a tour of some of the local houses (check out the floors which are made of buffalo dung and clay).  Listen to the stories of their customs such as the wife kidnaping traditions before weddings and watch how they hand weave traditional sarongs.  Ask the staff at Jati for tour guide recommendations.  

Another fun thing to do is to check out the pottery village of Banumulek on the way to Mataram.  They use a traditional kiln in the center of the village and clay from southern Lombok.  If you have had breakfast at Jati and have wondered where the tea pots and plates come from, they are handmade from this village.

And our firm favourite is the Power of Local Women Tour.  Visit the local food market, school, mosque and bat cave all in the company of five Sasak women sarong sellers. Enjoy a meal together. See Lombok through local eyes for a real taste of Sasak life.

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